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Unpaid Invoices

 August 1, 2019     0 Comments

We only have a 48 hour grace period after your invoice has come due before we do suspend your account. In the even that your not going to renew or there is a problem paying it on time or within the 48 hours after it's due date that we do ask you contact us.

If you fail to pay it within 48 hours after it's due then your invoice is marked as late and then suspended. If you wanting to pay your invoice after it's suspended then there is an additional fee associated with your current invoice which is 20% of the invoice amount.

If no payment or contact has been received before the following 72 hours after suspension then it will be placed to be terminated and then there is no refund or any kind of billing accepted and you won't be able to order new service until prior invoice has been paid first.

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